Over the last few months we have had a wide variety of reactions to what we are doing. These have ranged from really uncomfortable looking facial contortions of total shock and awe, to smug head shakes which, in no subtle terms, suggest that we will never make it (and we are yet to prove them wrong), to warm hugs and whispered “please come back alive’s.” Regardless of the reaction, there is almost undoubtedly a massive ‘why’ attached to it. The why is simple enough: this trip provides a platform to raise money for an absolutely worthwhile cause and gives us a chance to raise awareness about the injustices that are being inflicted on millions around the world every day. But there is a deeper why, a why that resonates profoundly with both of us, and chances are it is something you connect with as well.

So why are we taking time out of university to bike from Belgium to India? We are doing this because we believe that each person has an unchangeable and priceless value that is not contingent on their situation; a value that does not suddenly disappear when they have been used and abused. Each person is deserving of a chance to experience the full beauty of life and yet millions of exploited people are robbed of this inherent right every single day. We have this gift of freedom and healthy bodies that are able to move without restraint and we do not want to take either of these things for granted.

And we are passionate about this specific group! It pains both of us deeply to think about the fact that there are adult women who have never stepped foot outside a brothel and that there are babies being born into captivity without a chance to know freedom.

Most importantly we are doing this because we believe that there is so much hope for change in this area of social injustice. There are so many incredible people doing amazing work to seek freedom for these captives and to offer them a chance at a new, radically different life. The organization we are fundraising for proves this! As I write this blog, two of their partner organizations are meeting in India to discuss how best to use the money that YOU have been donating! Within the last few weeks they were able to rescue 14 girls (including two babies) who were going to be killed simply because they are not males. Your donations have allowed them to be transported to safe houses where they are receiving care for as long as they need it. There is hope and we want to be apart of seeing it be realized in the lives of these precious people.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Brad & Joel


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